A note from the editor

Like always, it is my great privilege to present this Bible study from my friend and mentor, Pastor Bob Conway.  Experiencing Exodus is the second longest Bible study that I possess, coming in at over 600 typed pages and 320,000 words.  It is not exactly light reading nor was it written in a short amount of time.

Unlike many of the other Bible studies I have by Pastor Bob, this was not written as a Bible study but rather as a sermon series.  This means that the format is slightly different than some other studies.  In all, there are over 80 exegetical sermons on the book of Exodus that makes up this study.  I actually vaguely remember the three years that Bob spent preaching from the book when I was a teenager.

Because these studies are taken from sermons, I actually had less work to do in editing them for the website but the sheer volume of pages still meant that this has taken many hours to prepare.  Occasionally you may find a word that looks like gibberish; this is most likely a Hebrew word that didn’t translate.

I cannot tell you what a treasure trove of information this study is on the book of Exodus.  I can only say that you need to dive in and begin reading for yourself.  And even though your temptation may be to stop reading after the “exciting” parts are over or after the presentation of the Ten Commandments, this study really becomes incredible in its presentation of the details of the tabernacle.  I promise that if you take the time to study the details, you’ll see Christ in a completely new way.  And if you do, then all of the time invested in this study has been absolutely worth the effort.

Michael Stine