Introduction to Exodus

The story of Exodus is one of the greatest stories ever told.  It contains action as God rescues a baby from the hands of an evil Pharoah and an entire nation from slavery.  Ten plagues fall upon the land of Egypt and eventually an unrepentant Pharaoh leads his army to disaster as they follow the Israelites into the Red Sea and their deaths.

The book also contains a tremendous study on human nature.  God gave us His laws because He understands our sinful nature and He desires to protect us from ourselves.

Perhaps the greatest part of Exodus is also the least examined part.  The details of the tabernacle may seem trivial to some but it contains an incredible picture of Christ and His redemptive work upon the cross.

Contained in this brief section is some important background information that will help you as you study the book of Exodus.

Survey of the Book of Exodus
Themes of Exodus
The Exodus Experience – Introduction

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