Israel's Apostasy and Renewal

The Israelites didn’t make it very long at all before they found themselves involved in some ugly sin.  In fact, Moses didn’t even make it down from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments in hand before the people had already broken the rules.

This section deals not only with the Golden Calf debacle but also all of the aftermath surrounding Israel’s sin.

The Golden Calf Debacle – Exodus 32:1-10
Getting God to Repent – Exodus 32:9-14
Make Your Choice – Exodus 32:15-35
Seeing God – Exodus 33:1-23
Fathers and the Next Generation – Exodus 34:1-9
God’s Name is Jealous – Exodus 34:8-18
Worshiping the LORD – Exodus 34:17-26
Communion Radiance – Exodus 34:27-35

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