The Covenant at Mt. Sinai

When we think of this section of Exodus and even when the book of Exodus is mentioned, the Ten Commandments are one of the first things that come to mind.  This section deals with the Ten Commandments in detail but Moses was not just given ten rules to live by when he was on Mt. Sinai.

In addition to the Ten Commandments, Moses was given a covenant and the commandments are simply a part of that covenant.  Ultimately though, this is an agreement between God and man and it provides the rules of that agreement, much like a contract does today.  The Ten Commandments are one of three things that will later go in the Ark of the Covenant.  It is worth noting that the ark is the Ark of the Covenant and not Ark of the Ten Commandments or something similar.  We’re reminded of the purpose of these rules by the very place that they’re kept.

Treasured Possession – Exodus 19:1-8
Covenant and Kingdom – Exodus 19:5-8
A Dense Cloud – Exodus 19:9-25
The Big Ten – Exodus 20:1-2
The First and Greatest Commandment – Exodus 20:1-3
Images – Exodus 20:4-6
Hallow God’s Name – Exodus 20:7
The Sabbath Day – Exodus 20:8-11
Honor Your Parents – Exodus 20:12
Do Not Murder – Exodus 20:13
Do Not Commit Adultery – Exodus 20:14
Do Not Steal – Exodus 20:15
Do Not Lie – Exodus 20:16
Do Not Covet – Exodus 20:17
The Book of the Covenant: Sacred or Secular – Exodus 20:18-24
Servitude, Not Freedom – Exodus 21:1-16
The Pierced Ear – Exodus 21:1-16
A Most Difficult Passage – Exodus 21:7-11
Laws of Retaliation – Exodus 21:12-32
Laws of Equity – Exodus 21:33-14
Laws of Justice and Mercy – Exodus 23:1-13
God’s Calendar – Exodus 23:14-17
God’s Angel and Hornet – Exodus 23:20-33
Covenant of Blood – Exodus 24:1-11
Tablets of Stone – Exodus 24:12-18

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