The Exodus and Wandering

As the Israelites leave Egypt, they leave slavery behind them.  Or do they?  God frees the Israelites from the forced labor that was put upon them by Pharaoh.  The wandering in the desert reveals that the Israelites are still very much slaves to sin.

The Israelites will encounter many trials in the desert and ultimately they’ll repeatedly fail.  They will grumble against Moses and against God.  They will even foolishly wish that they were still in Egypt.

While the Israelites’ faith is tested, Moses is tested as well.  He is obviously tested by an obstinate nation that God has placed him in charge of but he will also endure a personal test.  In this section Moses is challenged to share the burden of leadership with other capable people amongst the tribes.  Unlike the Israelites, Moses passes this test.

The Exodus – Exodus 12:39-51
What the Redeemer Expects – Exodus 12:43-13:16
The Fiery Cloud – Exodus 13:17-22
Faith Tested – Exodus 14:1-14
Baptism of Faith – Exodus 14:13-31
Choices – Exodus 14:15-16
Song of Moses – Exodus 15:1-21
Bitter and Sweet – Exodus 15:22-27
Bread of Heaven – Exodus 16:1-36
Manna and Maggots – Exodus 16:1-36
Water from the Smitten Rock – Exodus 17:1-17
It Take More Than Two Hands – Exodus 17:8-16
A Memorial of Remembrance – Exodus 17:14-16
What Delights – Exodus 18:1-12
A Burden to Heavy – Exodus 18:13-27

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